Meet the change makers.

Gerda Larsson

Co-Founder and Managing Director

With broad experience in the field of Women’s Rights, Gerda brings expertise within gender equality and development theories. Having focused her career on startups and NGOs entering reorganisation phases, she plays a strategic part in building new ventures and supporting companies and organisations in transition.

Cristina Ljungberg

Founding Partner

Cristina has an international background working on designing medical devices, biotech products and as a consultant within management strategies. With this background, she adds both expertise to product development and leadership to The Case For Her. Cristina is a long time advocate and investor in girls' rights and healthcare.

Wendy Anderson

Founding Partner

With extensive experience in Software Development, Quality Assurance and Project Management in Exchange marketplaces. Wendy brings analytical skills and knowledge of application development to The Case For Her. Since 2010, Wendy has devoted her time to improving women’s and girls' lives through donations and investments in female health and education.

Nihal Tozak

Executive Assistant

With experience from working with administration and local politics, Nihal brings structure and a eye for detail to the team at The Case For Her.