Teen Vogue has partnered with The Case for Her on a brief for the Design and Art Direction New Blood Awards, encouraging young people across the world to solve the problem of the female orgasm gap.

El País quotes MD and Co-Founder Gerda Larsson in a piece on feminine pleasure and the future of the sex industry.

Managing Director and Co-Founder Gerda Larsson was nominated as one of 120 Under 40’s New Generation of Family Planning Leaders making a difference in reproductive health.

Forbes featured The Case for Her in its article, “12 Leading Investors Explain Why They’re Funding Sextech,” in which Gerda Larsson makes the case for investing in women’s sexual pleasure as a means of closing the gender gap.

Bright Magazine included MD and Co-Founder Gerda Larsson’s input in its piece on the importance of education to tackle menstrual stigma and breaking the myths around the outsized impact of menstrual health products.

The Femtastic Podcast interviewed MD and Co-Founder Gerda Larsson on The Case for Her’s investment strategy, the humanitarian and economic impact of breaking taboos around menstruation, female pleasure and menopause, and the simple, everyday steps you can take to advance women’s equity.

Women Moving Millions profiled The Case for Her co-founder Wendy Anderson as Member of the Month for her work to change the world of menstrual health through her philosophy of strategic philanthropy.