Tackling a problem with multiple solutions.



Evidence based research is essential to evaluating success.

Johns Hopkins University

The Case For Her is working with leading researcher Dr. Julie Hennegan to develop a comprehensive and validated menstrual health measurement and a reliable assessment tool for use by practitioners.


Maverick Collective

An initiative of Population Services International (PSI), the Maverick Collective pilots scalable solutions which will lead to the improved life of girls and women. The Case For Her is improving sexual, reproductive and menstrual health for teen girls in Nepal.


Ensures that reproductive health research is systematically applied and that evidence-based innovative solutions are explored and supported. WoMena supports the formulationand implementation of policies and programs. 


The educators we support engage millions worldwide.

Femme International

Dedicated to promoting women’s health through education. Femme International are leaders in the field of menstrual health education in East Africa.

Grow & Know

Launched after the great success of a girl’s puberty book project in Tanzania. Grow and Know writes and distributes locally appropriate puberty books globally with almost 1.5 million books distributed to date.

MH Hub

A centralized hub providing a place for those working across disciplines to exchange best practices and share reliable research and effective educational approaches.


These new and innovative product companies provide a range of solutions.


A social enterprise that specialties in the local manufacture and global supply of reusable sanitary pads as a cost effective menstrual hygiene solution for million of women and girls worldwide. With manufacturing in Uganda and a 90% female workforce, they are changing lives and creating livelihoods for local families.

Be Girl

A mission-driven menstrual product design company focusing on adolescents globally. Be Girl manufactures and distributes period panties along with education. Data collection and impact tracking are at the heart of operations and validates the need for interventions.


A female health app using science and data to uncover the unique patterns in your cycle. With millions of users worldwide, this app shows how femtech can be used to address women's health needs. Clue's goal is to improve female health research and improve female health knowledge globally.

Sustain Natural

Committed to making vagina-friendly products. Sustain produces and sells tampons, pads, condoms, lubes and wipes all free of toxins and carcinogens. 10% of profits is donated to healthcare organisations in the US.


Creating inclusive conversations around sex and pleasure. Unbound is a New York thought leader and product developer taking on the exploration of sex from a feminist standpoint.


These innovators are challenging the markets.


Kasha empowers women to take health into their own hands. The innovative distribution system allows women to order from computers, smartphones and USSD platforms. Products are then confidentially delivered to a pickup spot, to your home or a place of choice.


Partners with people and organisations to provide skills and education, around leadership and confidence-building workshops. Resonate’s workshops ensure that women and girls don't just have access to skills and resources, but they also have the self-confidence to turn opportunity into action.


To reach scale we need more people engaged across the globe. 

The Dilemma of Desire

The Dilemma of Desire is a feature length documentary film about female sexual desire and the powerful gender politics that revolve around not acknowledging female desire. Simply put the film is about thatthere can be no equality without equality of pleasure.


Panorama is an action tank working to solve global problems through audacious thinking and bold action. They bring together actors to collaborate to impact health and environmental issues on a larger scale. 


The essential part of any solution: develop local leaders through global programmes.


Makes long-term equity investments in early stage companies in a variety of fields. Acumen offers extensive fellowship programmes to develop leaders who challenge, inspire and work to bring a brighter future to their communities. Through +Acumen this leadership curriculum is open to everyone.


Providing quality healthcareto some of the poorest and most remote communities in Nepal. Possible's Community Health Workers programme supports the local villages and trains, pays and empowers women while providing evidence collected to develop new policies. 



A three-year non-formal education programme puts rural communities in charge of their own futures using a human rights based, inclusive and sustainable methodology. The communities get the chance to plan and execute a five year plan taking their village to new standards.