The Case For Her

An innovative funding collaborative investing in early stage marketswithin women's and girls' health.


The Case For Her invests in for-profit social enterprises, organisations and initiatives that work within female health. We believe in a equal world where women and girls can thrive and put capital in underfunded areas such as Menstruation, Menopause and Female Sexual Pleasure. Our dynamic portfolio spans over the globe and includes product companies, tech innovations, research initiatives and grassroots organisations. 


Evidence-based research is essential when evaluating the success of interventions. We support ground-breaking efforts to develop comprehensive, validated metrics.


Body literacy is more than a lesson about female biology. It’s a discussion about equality and inclusion.  It’s a global dialogue that includes boys and men.


Investing in new and innovative product companies helps provide women and girls with a range of products so they can make their own choices.


Technology and new ways of thinking help solve the problem of getting products to the customers who want them.